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“Apocalypse is a frame of mind.”  “A belief.  A surrender to inevitability. It is a despair for the future. It is the death of hope.”
― Jim Butcher,

Before Sites Like Kickstarter  would accept cause and relief like projects, KickStartEarth started a passionate project to develop a crowd funding site that would focus on those exact types of projects. Kickstartearth is still the first and only crowdfunding, relief and educational site that is dedicated solely to the earth, the environment and the improvement of the human condition as a whole.

Your project on Kick Start Earth can be anything – from a product to a book, film, art or music or just an idea.

You can even use this platform to find support for your project – even if not seeking funding.

All projects on Kick Start Earth need to somehow help to create a better world and brighter future, educate or stimulate others into getting involved and willing to help.


Our mission is to become the leading independent social and environmental campaigning organization that uses the funding power of the global village to help fund environmental products/social causes and efforts that are working towards finding solutions for a more sustainable and peaceful future for us all. We are glad that sites Sites Like Kickstarter and indigogo are now starting to come on board with more social project categories. We here at Kickstartearth feel that with the thousands of diversified projects on those sites the truly important life altering projects can get lost in the crowd so to speak.

At Kick Start Earth, through our members products, ideas and campaigns, we all help to create solutions that promote environmental sustainability and even social justice when possible. To become a full member click here


We seek to challenge the current system of global barrier that causes many of the world’s most innovative ideas, people and products to go both unfunded and unnoticed. We also seek to promote those environmental and social geniuses that have found a better way. We hope this new platform becomes a way for the KSE community to rally through and help to change the systems that place disproportionate burdens on our already vulnerable Eco systems and communities, at such a grand cost to us all.


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