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5 Project-Crushing Crowdfunding Campaign Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Below we’ve listed 5 of the most common (and devastating) mistakes, and the best way to avoid them and give your project a fighting chance:


Problem 1: Lack of clarity about what’s being Kickstarted

Make your project or campaign as easy to understand as possible. Before going live, show it to your friends or family and ask for their feedback. Don’t assume that everybody has the same way of thinking as you do – we are all different, so take it into consideration when creating your project. Explain your idea, your goal, how are you planning to achieve it and make it clear and simple.


Problem 2: No call to action

Don’t just describe your project without clearly asking for help and support. Explain how their support will be utilized and exactly how does it contribute to your project’s success.

You don’t have to be shy on this one – after all that’s what KickStartEarth was created for. It’s a place where supporters can meet those who need help.


Problem 3: Expecting to be found, rather than showing the way

So you’ve submitted your project on KSE and are now waiting for it to get all the success. Our advice is, don’t be passive and promote it on your own! There’s a big chance that by being featured as “Staff Picks” on the main page your project ill get more views, but that’s not all. Post it on Social Media, tell your friends and family, ask them to pass it on. Make some buzz around it and push it forward!


 Problem 4: Making it about you

Make it about the supporters. Sure, explain your motives and inspiration, stress how much does it mean to you, but don’t forget to consider those who can help you. Try to show them, how helping will reach their goals and needs, how will it influence their feelings. After all, they are here to help – some of them might be really passionate about some projects because they never had chance to make their own ideas come to life. You might find people just like you who want to help you – tell them why they should and try to put yourself in their shoes.


Problem 5: Bloat

There are tons of projects and it’s important to quickly catch supporters’ attention when they’re viewing yours. Video is really important, so put your efforts and make it eye-catching, snappy, engaging and interesting. It should be 3-4 minutes long, nobody has time to watch those longer ones nowadays. Any information that you include in your project description, FAQ and the video should be crucial and clear. Try to avoid long sentences, elaborate descriptions and too much information.


How to make a good video?

Some important tips:

Be natural – be yourself, explain why the project is important for a better world, what it means to you and why should it mean something to the supporters too.

Include the basic information:

About you – tell a little bit about yourself and your team

About your project – describe what is it that you’re trying to fund, show some designs, sketches, examples of previous works, etc.

About rewards – inform your potential supporters about the rewards that they will receive after contributing to your project.

About your inspiration – share your story with the viewers; tell them how you got inspired, what pushed you to start the project, what it means to you. Not only can it help you to reach them more directly, but also makes it easier for them to understand your work.

About your schedule – the more precise and clear timeline for you project, the better and more reliable it looks in the eyes of supporters.

Call for action – ask for support and help, explaining how the supporters can contribute.

 Avoid copyright material – do not use any digital content that doesn’t belong to you. That includes images, gifs, videos, logos, music.

Keep it simple and snappy – people have a short attention span and all they want is the crucial information shown in an interesting, engaging and short video. Forget about long descriptions – you can include them in the written description of your project. The video is there to catch their attention.

Final thought: video is crucial, but don’t concentrate all your efforts on it. Be natural, speak from your heart and be yourself. Nobody expects it to be a movie trailer. If you feel that editing the video is too much for you, we can do it for you. More info HERE.


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