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Why Choose Kick Start Earth?

KickStartEarth is the first and only crowd funding and educational site dedicated solely to the earth, the environment and the betterment of the human condition. Your project on Kick Start Earth can be anything from a product to a book, film, art or music or just an idea. You can even use this platform to find support for your project – even if you are not seeking funding. All we ask is that all projects placed on Kick Start Earth will in some way help to create a better world and or a brighter future, and at the very least – that your project will work to educate or stimulate others into getting involved even in a small way to create a better world for us all…

Powerful Global Crowdfunding

Crowdfund, Pre-Sell or Raise Money For Your Next Project – or for someone else you feel is deserving and in need of funding – through our Flash and Surprise Campaigns system.

Your Backers/Supporters Can Pledge What
They Would Like

Enable custom donation amounts/systems or use the traditional level format.

Fixed & Flexible Funding or our Rewards/Equity Voucher

You can receive your funding immediately or after your goal is reached. The choice is yours.


Great front and back end displays to track project payments and supporters.

Latest News

Kick Start Earth is one of the first crowd funding sites to offer Equity Crowd Funding for creators that meet the requirements of the new Jobs Act as it is finalized. This means that providing the project falls within the proper guidelines, you can now offer or receive equity shares in the company instead of rewards.

Imagine being one the first share holders of the next Facebook, Google, Amazon or even Kick Start Earth! Now these are real possibilities with the Jobs Act as it takes shape.

Kick Start Earth recognizes that this process is both new and that filing the requirements can be time consuming as companies submit their information for approval. So Kick Start Earth is the very first crowd funding company to create and offer the Rewards/Equity Voucher choice for backers of projects in which the developers are still working to meet the SEC requirements to sell equity/shares in their company.

The Rewards/Equity Voucher choice for project backers means that the project backer can take the option of postponing receiving the offered reward in order to receive the same value in equity shares in the project company once the project/company has met the legal requirements of the Jobs Act.

If the company does not meet the requirements of the Jobs act within a certain time frame as stipulated in their project campaign, the backer has the choice of receiving the reward instead of equity – or extending the Equity Voucher time limit placed on the project if it looks like the project is soon to be approved and was just delayed in the process.

If the project fails to meet the SEC requirements outright for any reason, the backer receives the reward instead of the equity shares.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the possibilities and potential that this new option offers developers for investment as well as for the backers to become true ground floor investors in what could be the next big, thing technology or company…..

SEC Adopts Rules to Facilitate Smaller Companies’ Access to Capital creates something exciting and new for crowd funding and initiates both the terms Flash and Surprise Campaigns in the crowd funding world…… becomes the first solely environmental/social crowdfunding site that allows for Flash and Surprise Campaigns that allow groups and organizers to take immediate action towards raising money for a particular cause or effort at a moments notice.


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